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Gruppo Gabrielli

The Core business of the Gabrielli Group is the processing and the distribution of steel products.

In about 200,000 sq.m of production area in Northern-Italy it distributes about 1,2 million tons of steel and employs about 1,200 people.

On focus

Gavinox, 365 days without an accident

Gavinox’s performance is particularly significant when considering the typical risks encountered in the metal working industry and in a steel service centre.

Gabrielli divisione lunghi

Gabrielli S.p.A., new “Long Steel Products Division”

The merger of the company Angelo Gabrielli s.r.l. with Gabrielli s.p.a. has now been completed and is fully effective.

A shorter name for a larger company: Siderurgica Gabrielli spa is now called Gabrielli spa

Gabrielli spa: this is the new name of the historic steel company.

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