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Gruppo Gabrielli

The Core business of the Gabrielli Group is the processing and the distribution of steel products.

In about 200,000 sq.m of production area in Northern-Italy it distributes about 1,2 million tons of steel and employs about 1,200 people.

Gabrielli S.p.A., new “Long Steel Products Division”

Gabrielli spa Divisione Lunghi
The merger of the company Angelo Gabrielli s.r.l. with Gabrielli s.p.a. has now been completed and is fully effective.

This operation has led to the concentration of all the activities performed by the three in-stock steel product warehouses in a single large company (Gabrielli s.p.a.), and it was it was carried out with the aim of optimizing the general industrial and administrative costs, from the viewpoint of developing increased competitiveness, essential in this current financial crisis.

The merger will not cause any change in the specificity concerning the level of industrial quality or the service the incorporated company offers its customers, but will instead bring new and wider opportunities for improvement. In response to an increasingly demanding and competitive market, Gabrielli s.p.a. will now be able to provide the steel-intensive industry with new operating performances and an even wider range of products. Integration of the new Long Steel Products Division with the pre-existing Coils and Heavy Plate Divisions has in fact consolidated another specialization, resulting from the many years of experience and success in the distribution field carried out by the excellent managements and all the staff of the incorporated company Angelo Gabrielli s.r.l. The added value resulting from the new single management will be represented by consolidation of the fundamental specializations and, as mentioned above, by offering a larger range of products, as well as by the general logistic organization, which will play an increasingly important role from the viewpoint of optimizing both our own and our suppliers’ company costs.

The company reorganization and merger that have just taken place are considered an integral part of the strategic development plan already implemented within Siderurgica Gabrielli spa, recently renamed Gabrielli s.p.a.