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Gruppo Gabrielli

The Core business of the Gabrielli Group is the processing and the distribution of steel products.

In about 200,000 sq.m of production area in Northern-Italy it distributes about 1,2 million tons of steel and employs about 1,200 people.

Gavinox, 365 days without an accident

In other words “Zero Accidents” in 2013: this is without doubt an extremely positive result for Gavinox, with a view to continuous improvement of safety conditions in the workplace.

Gavinox’s performance is particularly significant when considering the typical risks encountered in the metal working industry and in a steel service centre.

The result achieved by the San Fior plant, calculated for a total number of working hours of 46,563 in 2013, is proof of the rewards that can be reaped with a management capable of coordinating, with continuity, safety and efficiency in the workplace as a whole.

Investments aimed at optimizing production layouts, logistics and work equipment, together with the use of personal protection equipment of increasingly high quality, has enabled Gavinox to reach this key objective of safety in the workplace. This result has been achieved not only through organizational commitment to controlling and monitoring plants and processes, but also through a company policy that, for some time now, has promoted awareness raising and a culture of prevention in its programme for health and safety in the workplace.

In fact, the involvement and constant participation in prevention of Gavinox personnel at all levels has proved to be just as strategically important as the coordinated management actions.