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Gruppo Gabrielli

The Core business of the Gabrielli Group is the processing and the distribution of steel products.

In about 200,000 sq.m of production area in Northern-Italy it distributes about 1,2 million tons of steel and employs about 1,200 people.

Gabrielli Group, protection and health of its employees


The companies of the Gabrielli Group are going in one direction in the COVID-19 emergency: safeguarding its employees and implementing the government’s provisions to protect their health.
The sensitivity of the issue is tangible all-round, from the production areas to the offices where employees have received appropriate PPE and smart-working has been launched.

The Gabrielli Group has negotiated insurance coverage for the entire corporate community (more than 1400 employees) for this delicate situation with the aim to be close to its employees. It includes guarantees and services such as additional benefits supporting people and provides for indemnity in case of hospitalisation, a convalescence allowance and post-hospitalisation care.

A gesture of recognition from the Gabrielli Group towards its employees who, even in difficult situations such as the one we are experiencing, are able to demonstrate attachment to their company every day.